14 Luglio, 2024

Russian Hybrid Warfare

Are you curious about Russian hybrid warfare? Do you want to know more about this “doctrine” and the related operations? So you are in the right place and you are reading the right post!
However, before listing some recent articles on the topic I would like to bounce off some ideas. First of all, “hybrid warfare” is not a Russian military doctrine, instead it is more a Russian analysis, then named “hybrid warfare” by western scholars, on Western, mainly American, military operations after the end of the Cold War. Secondly, it is agreed that “hybrid warfare” has several components, but one the most important is the use of information. Thirdly, in order to understand current Russian foreign politics it is important to take into account regional instability and geopolitical issues, which are more important than some label as hybrid warfare.

These are just some recent reading tips:

James P. Farwell, Countering Russian Meddling in US Political Processes, in Parameters 48(1), 2018
Timothy P. McGeehan, Countering Russian Disinformation, in Parameters 48(1), 2018
T. S. Allen and A. J. Moore, Victory without Casualties: Russia’s Information Operations, in Parameters 48(1), 2018
Tyler Quinn, The Bear’s Side of the Story: Russian Political and Information Warfare, The Strategy Bridge
Taras Kuzio, Paul D’Anieri, The Soviet Origins of Russian Hybrid Warfare, E-International Relations

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