15 Giugno, 2024

Mediterranean Security Update

Iraq. Despite the media silence Iraqi forces continue to battle aginst ISIS, on 20 they dismantled 40 positions belonging to the terrorist group in the eastern Diyala province. Two militants were also killed during the security swoop. On 24 at least six people have been killed and 30 others wounded in a car bomb blast south of Mosul. A vehicle packed with explosives was parked near a restaurant and a crowded market area in the northern Iraqi town of Qayyara. As far as the interna politics is concerned on 25 the Iraqi parliament approved 14 new cabinet ministers proposed by prime minister-designate Adel Abdel Mahdi, even as key portfolios such as defence and interior affairs remained unassigned. Among those given the green light are Thamer Abbas Ghadbane in the crucial ministry of oil. He previously held the portfolio in 2004 and 2005. In the finance seat is Fouad Hussein, who has close ties to the autonomous region of Kurdistan. For foreign affairs, Abdel Mahdi has proposed Mohammed Ali al-Hakim, a former ambassador to the UN, and for electricity, Louai al-Khatib, a respected researcher in the energy field. Parliament will reconvene on November 6 to decide on the remaining ministries. The day after Iraq’s new Prime said that his country would decide whether helping to enforce US sanctions on its neighbour Iran is in its own interest, an apparent rebuke of his predecessor’s approach. Abdul Mahdi has said these new US sanctions put Baghdad in a tight spot, as Iraq’s economy is linked closely to Iran.

Libya. The Hungarian Ambassador to Libya Bela Marton revealed on 22 the existence of a program with the Ministry of Interior to train police officers in Hungary, stressing his country’s readiness to provide support in the military field. On a regional perspective, Libya is preparing to participate in the fourth ministerial meeting with Sudan, Chad, and Niger, which will be held in the Chadian capital N’Djamena on 31. The meeting will focus on reinforcing security along the common borders of the four countries. The attendees will also discuss combating terrorism, rebel movements, human trafficking, drugs, and trans-border crimes, as well as development projects in border areas, according to the same source.

Algeria. Algerian authorities arrested on 22 19 people with links to al-Qaeda. The operation was carried out in the Tissemsilt province. Meanwhile the Algerian Army has mounted a major operation along the country borders to truck down terrorist group and criminal activities.

Russia focus. On 21 Russian Foreign Ministry, Sergej Lavrov said that his country is ready to cooperate with France in the field of anti-terrorism. He stated that the two countries already have established secret contacts regarding Syria where they collaborated for some humanitarian operations in Ghouta.

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